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Presto Electric Griddle - Presto Liddle Griddle Mini Griddle

After playing with the compact Presto the Liddle griddle mini griddle for cooking pancakes eggs and other foods I can say that I am impressed. I turned the electric griddle on until the controls showed that the surface had reached the desired temperature and decided to try the nice water drop test and I was pleased to see that the droplets flew across the Presto electric griddle just wonderfully.


I have to say that I heard before that some of the Presto griddles (like the Presto big griddle and the Presto Jumbo electric griddle) actually are a nightmare to cook for some people, because the food isn't evenly cooked. Well, this Presto 07211 liddle griddle cooks so evenly, that I got all of my pancakes ended up with a perfectly brown color (and taste as well), unlike the other Presto electric griddles that mentioned before.


However, I just have to mention that the griddle electric unit doesn't distribute the heat perfectly even, but much better than other electric grill griddles in the market (for example, the Rival griddle and the George Foreman grill). The areas away from the heating element were much less hot than the areas that are close to the element, so the user would have to place the food accordingly to get better results. On the other hand, even if you forget, it really is just a small effect that doesn't make much difference in the big picture.


Moreover, this Presto griddle succeeded to keep the cooking temperature consistently during the various times that we have used it. The Presto Liddle griddle just stayed hot enough every time, easily ready for another batch of pancakes or whatever the food that you decide to cook on this great kitchen appliance. Oh, I forgot to mention that this electric grill griddle also gets cool and hot relatively fast compared to other griddle grills available today, particularly the Presto electric griddles.


After saying all this, it's not hard to guess that I appreciate the Presto 07211 Liddle griddle very much. A strange thing that I can say is that although I initially purchased this griddle electric unit to function as a simple kitchen appliance that would replace my nice old frying pan, I think that this Presto griddle can really take the place of a hot plate, a toaster oven, an electric skillet and many other similar appliances. It really is that good and does a great job of cooking.


Funny thing, we also took the Presto electric griddle to our nice room at the hotel (cool vacation by the way). We had a great time cooking our meals at the motel with this grill griddle. Now, the meals there were pretty expensive, so the Presto Liddle griddle mini griddle actually saved us money in the long run. We enjoyed the pancakes, the bacons and eggs, the French toasts and hashbrowns.


The Presto 07211 Liddle griddle fitted our suitcase without problems, and didn’t get a scratch during the long trip from the motel, to the airport and finally, to our nice home. Unlike the regular Presto cool touch electric griddle that probably couldn't fit a suitcase twice as big as this one. In conclusion, you have to try this Presto electric griddle, it's just great and many believe that it's better than the usual griddle stove top than many own in the kitchen.