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George Foreman Grill Review | The New George Foreman Grill GRP99

After purchasing a few grill griddles of the George Foreman electric grills I can say that I enjoyed these units a lot. I liked them because of the simple way that they function, the user friendly features and the results that we get whenever we cook or grill food with this indoor grill.


On the other hand, cleaning can be a real source of concern for a lot people who use the George Foreman grill GRP99. This is particularly true as the unit gets less new and with the time the griddle grill might lose some of its nonstick feature if you don't spend enough time and efforts to properly maintain the appliance.


The nonstick coat wearing off from the George Foreman indoor grill is probably due to the surface that just can't be separated from the unit and it is also hard to place and wash the griddle electric unit inside the sink. Now, this issue might not be significant if you have one of those small electric grills, but if you have a big grill (like the George Foreman grill griddle) then it can be quite hard to wash the unit, especially if your sink is not large enough.


However, the new George Foreman grill GRP99 has a nice feature that supposed to deal with this exact problem. The grilling plates of this electric griddle grill can actually be removed for easy cleanup (it's probably not the only griddle electric unit that has that feature, but I also had a George Foreman outdoor grill that didn't have this feature). It's not hard to guess that this feature alone can make the grill even more popular than the previous versions, and it is also hard not to like this grill griddle.


Actually, it is the easy cleanup with the George Foreman electric grill that made us use the unit much more often compared to the previous version. It's simply no longer such a pain to clean and maintain as our nice dishwasher is doing most of the cleaning (the grilling plates are dishwasher safe). Moreover, they have also added a timer and an improved temperature controls that allow you much more freedom in setting and timing the cooking (rather than the single cooking temperature of the old electric griddle).


Despite the fact that this new George Foreman grill griddle isn't perfect in dealing with drippings and the extra grease of really fat meat, the unit can successfully deal with many of the problems that the older George Foreman grills just can't. Overall, we share a lot of respect to the George Foreman Company and believe that their grills are of good quality, although a bit pricey compared to other electric grills in the market (but I didn't check their quality, so there is a big chance that this electric griddle grill is of higher quality).


That's why the GRP99 grill should be considered as a good grill and griddle by consumers that appreciate such a unit but remember that there are other kitchen appliances that might perform better than the George Foreman grill while they may cost a bit more or less (some would consider the Cuisinart griddler as being possibly better).


Since some prefer to use an oven, more details can be found on the wikipedia page of oven that is nice, but not as good as the George Foreman grill GRP99 that cooks much better specific foods.