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Nice Recipes to Try With Your Grills/Griddles and an Update

Hello visitors,

It's been a long time since I last updated this blog about electric grills and griddles so I wanted to write a quick update informing you about it. Lately, I barely had enough time to do anything on my computer because of personal reasons that you're not going to read about (obviously, this isn't my personal blog problems..).


I do intend to write more reviews and articles about other George Foreman grills, many other griddle electric units as well as other kitchen appliance that might be of interest to you (and if you are not new to this website, you may already know that there are reviews and information of certain electric griddles like the Presto Liddle griddle which does a nice job, or indoor grills like the George Foreman grill GRP99 with removable grilling plates).


One thing that I wanted to share about me, is that I usually don't surf the web a lot so this website that I'm going to share with you might not look that good. However, looking at the great recipes there made me want to try them myself (I also like the design of this website, and in my opinion it's much better than the design of this blog).


Apparently, the recipe site include a recipe of the day on its homepage on a regular basis, nice photos, local recipes, community pages and cook of the week from the personal region that you live at, which is also pretty cool.


For example, I've seen a part on the internet site that was dealing with chicken recipes, and I have to mention that I have a weakness for any recipe that contain chicken as well as other tasty meats (that's why I like electric outdoor and indoor grills so much).


Anyhow, I wanted to say that I intend to update the blog more often in the near future and write about outdoor electric grills as well as indoor ones, about the various electric griddles that you can find in the market (okay, I cannot write about all the models since there are just too many of them, but I'm going to focus on the more popular and familiar ones). Hopefully, I'll write less information about tasty recipes and more data about the products that can cook these recipes.


So goodbye for now, take care of yourself and your loved ones (which is the most important thing in my opinion, much more than all the quality electric griddle grills in the whole world), and stay tuned.





Lodge Logic LPG13 Pro Cast Iron Griddle

Since I have seen the Lodge cast iron griddle in action I wanted to write about this appliance. First of all, if you see this griddle you may be impressed from it's size – it's pretty big (well, it shouldn't come as a big surprise since Lodge Logic cast iron grill/griddle is actually a two-burner griddle). Although it's not that huge, the size of this unit will be enough for most users.


Moreover, the Lodge Logic LPG13 Pro cast iron grill/griddle doesn't cost a lot of money, despite the fact that it's not so cheap either. I was able to see my friend cooking with the Lodge Logic griddle and he said that he is quite happy with this kitchen appliance. He has some experiences with other frying pans and griddles, and he claimed that the Lodge cast iron griddle does a nice job, although it's not perfect and the Lodge company could improve the design of this griddle.


There is no need to mention that the Lodge LPG13 griddle is very popular recently and I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that the Lodge griddle grill is in the top ten most sold griddles. My friend has a lot of experience in cooking, and he says he can cook a wide range of foods with the Lodge cast iron griddle including pancakes, eggs, steaks, burgers, french toasts, grilled vegetables, etc. The reason for this versatility is the fact that the Lodge Logic griddle can be used either as a griddle (that would be the flat side of the unit), or you can the other side of this griddle/grill and cook on the ridged side that can be used as a grill.


He cooked me and my friends a nice meal with the Lodge cast iron griddle, and we had fun watching football and eating the grilled food. Perhaps another reason for the popularity of the Lodge Logic griddle is the fact that it's made of cast iron, and cast iron is known to distribute heat pretty well. So, the Lodge LPG13 griddle is capable of cooking and searing the food nicely, but you need to know what you are doing if you want to get good results with the Lodge Logic LPG13 Pro cast iron grill/griddle.


According to my friend, you need to treat the cast iron griddle well and maintain it properly if you want it to last for a long time and still cook the food the way you want. Meaning, that you'll have to season the Lodge Logic grill/griddle and clean it gently so that you won't damage the surface or negate the effect of the seasoning. On the other hand, the Lodge cast iron grill is heavier than most of the other griddles, so it can be hard to wash and clean this appliance.


The post that was written after this article about the Lodge Logic cast iron griddle isn't a review or article that is dealing with specific product, but a quick update (with additional information about a nice recipes site) for a long period of not updating this website.






Cuisinart Griddler GR-4N Removable Plates Review - Cuisinart GR-4N Electric Griddle

Although I don't have the Cuisinart griddler GR-4N I have seen the unit myself and tasted the food that it is possible to cook with it. First of all, the appliance can be considered as a medium sized unit, I believe it is smaller than those large Presto electric griddles (if you have ever seen them, you'll know that are large – especially the Presto tilt n' drain big griddle), yet it is large enough so that you could cook enough food for a couple of people.


The Cuisinart GR-4N griddler is advertised not only as an indoor grill that is supposed to serve as a replacement to the outside grill, or as an electric griddle like the Presto griddle – apparently, it can serve as a panini press, contact grill as well as combinations of grill and griddle. I admit that it looks and sounds like a gimmick, but I wouldn't decide that it's just a kitchen appliance and cannot serve as multiple units in one griddler.


You have to check how the griddle cooks and function, because that's the main reason that you are looking for such an appliance. Other than the way it cooks, it should be user-friendly, drain as much grease as possible while still allowing you to cook properly, and of course, the grill has to be very safe.


Despite the fact that I haven't personally seen the grilling plates of the Cuisinart griddler GR-4N it is states in the description of this product that the plates can actually be removed for easy cleaning, and they are also reversible. Now, this fact along with others that I have read about the Cuisinart GR-4N griddler Removable Plates made me quite interested in this particular model (so I hope to put my hands on more information in the near future).


Anyway, the griddler of Cuisinart was used to grill steaks and pork chops, and all of them were grilled perfectly. I enjoyed eating such a tasty food with my friends, and I was surprised to find out that the food was cooked by an electrical appliance and not a gas grill or other barbeque. It reminded me of the George Foreman grill GRP99 that also has removable plates that are supposed to be easy to clean, yet I am not sure if it was my friend (who likes to cook, and probably does so very good with most appliances) or that the Cuisinart griddler GR-4N is such an easy to use appliance and user friendly so that you can cook great food even if you are not a professional chef. It would be smart to get the housewares that are right and suited for you or your family.


The next post is dealing with the Lodge Logic cast iron griddle that, unlike other electric griddles that were reviewed on this website, isn't an electrical unit at all. For additional information about this interesting product of Lodge you can read the review.






Electric Griddles - Are They Worth The Money?

Before speaking about electric griddles I have to mention that from personal reasons I don't have a lot of time lately to update this blog so you should know that I am doing my best to improve the site (and at this note I want to thank for allowing me to create this small blog).


Ok, so the famous electric griddle - should you get one or perhaps consider the purchase an indoor or outdoor grill? Well electric griddles are usually made of light metal like aluminum (the Presto griddles for example, most of them are made of heavy cast aluminum which make their units very light) or other metals like stainless steel.


The cooking surface of most electric griddles is also especially produced so that the food won't stick to the surface. It's usually done by a nonstick coating that really helps with the cleaning of the electric griddle and I believe that the majority if not all of the griddle electric units do have a nonstick surface (it doesn't mean on the other hand that the nonstick coating always work).


These kitchen appliances were mainly intended as to serve as a fast cooking machine for pancakes, bacon, eggs and other foods. The electric griddles are supposed to be able to evenly cook the food, being a user friendly unit and easy to clean afterwards. Most of the Presto griddles do actually answer these requirements and if you haven't read my review about the Presto Tilt n Drain big griddle than you should check it out.


Moreover, a lot of kitchen units today can also be fully submersible and dishwasher safe and further ease the cleanup. However, if the electric griddle has a nonstick surface you have to be very careful since you can damage it if you use the wrong tools.


Overall, the electric griddles are definitely not a requirement for your kitchen to properly function, and there are other units that might deliver similar results (such as electric grills, like the George Foreman grill, or the normal frying pan would also be enough for most users).


Nevertheless, the griddle electric grill is a wonderful appliance that doesn't require a lot of cooking and cleaning time unlike other units, so I would vote for electric griddles is a good choice for your kitchen if you do tend to cook the foods that the griddle is intended for.


Moreover, most people would like to have a kitchen appliance that could grill or sear nice steaks, and I did find some good information and a delicious picture of a steak in the famous and popular Wikipedia site. Anyhow, you should investigate before making any purchase of not only electric griddles, grills and other appliances, but any expensive units or service.


If you want to know more about the next article then it is a review of the Cuisinart griddler with removable plates, that is also a popular product that can function as an electric griddle, grill and other variations that may be of interest to you.





Rival Griddle and The Rival GRF405 Fold n Store Griddle - A New Rival Electric Griddle

Although I don't own any Rival griddle (right now) I just saw an electric griddle of the company that made me curious. Apparently it is called the Rival GRF405 fold n store griddle and it is the older design plus new improvements. Now, since I haven't yet used or even seen the old Rival electric griddle in action I can't speak of the aspects of the old one (although I did know that the product existed but I decided at that time to get the Presto griddle).


Anyway, I think that the Rival griddle should definitely be considered if you are looking for an electric griddle that is large enough and yet won't cause too many problems when you try to store it in your small kitchen. I will try to test the Rival GRF405 fold n store griddle performance in the near future, since I know from experience that a large cooking surface is not enough for an electric griddle to be worth the money (even if it is from a respected and popular company as Rival, any Rival electric griddle should be tested before purchase).


After searching for detailed information about this Rival griddle I came across a couple of reviews that most of them were positives but there were also a couple of negative reviews. It seems that everyone like the fact that the Rival GRF405 fold n store griddle can be folded and thus save a lot of storage space (especially if you have a small cabinet or kitchen). There is no doubt that this ability is the most interesting thing in this Rival electric griddle and I have also seen that the price is relatively low, so it reminds me of the prices of its popular competitor - the Presto electric griddles. I already now how the average Presto griddle functions (and if you haven't you should read my previous reviews of the Presto Liddle griddle and another model that I liked very much).


Here is a couple of things I managed to understand from what I have searched and read about the Rival griddle. It looks like the Rival GRF405 fold n store griddle is a dishwasher safe function that would really help you with all the cleanup (and I do know how this feature is helpful because if you get put the electric griddle in the sink or in the dishwasher, it would be so much harder...). Another thing the would really help you cleaning the Rival electric griddle is the nonstick cooking surface that people say is really good (I know that most griddle electric units has a nonstick surface, but some of the nonstick surfaces won't last for long).


In addition, this particular Rival griddle has two (yes two!) independent temperature controls that will allow for example to cook hamburgers on one side of the Rival GRF405 fold n store griddle and pancakes on the other pan of the unit, and I can assure you that most of the electric griddles don't have this feature. Yet again, I have to test its performance first, so stay tuned.


The next article that you can find is about the electric griddles in general (and it's not a review post like this one about the Rival folding griddle).





Presto Electric Skillet Review - How Good Are The Presto Electric Skillets?

Since the presto electric griddles are so popular lately among many customers who like to use a griddle in order to cook nice pancakes, eggs and other foods (like a fried chicken for example), I thought about trying the Presto electric skillet. Now, there are many designs and models for the Presto skillet like with the griddles, so I was pretty confused and had to search a lot over the internet and ask people I know.


One of the many models that belongs to the Presto Company that caught my eye was one of the 16 inch skillets that is called the Presto 16 electric skillet. This particular model is really interesting, in my opinion, since it looks compact and I was quite sure it would fit in my kitchen (that is not very big by the way) and might do some good job with the cooking. It wasn't hard to imagine that it could take the place of the Presto electric griddle that I already own. 


This Presto electric skillet can easily be used for a variety of cooking methods such as frying, grilling and even roasting and there are probably a lot more methods that I just forgot, so sorry about it. I think that most of the Presto electric skillets can function as good chicken fryers that can do the job well with those fat chicken breasts or with frying bacon. The glass cover that surrounds the cooking surface of the Presto 16 electric skillet will prevent any spatter from reaching your countertop and you lovely skin.


The temperature control is very accurate when compared to a nice stainless steel electric skillet that many people still prefer over the skillet electric unit. I know that some people mention the Villaware electric skillet as a good alternative to the Presto griddle and skillet but I have no idea what you would even want an alternative to such a good unit that heats up very quickly. This fast heating feature of the Presto unit is much better than my electric stovetop or any other griddle stove top that other people may use. (it reminds me of my friend's Presto electric grill that actually does heat up accurately and quickly but it cooking results are sometimes great and on other occasions are not that good)


It wasn't really hard to achieve really good results with the Presto 16 electric skillet since the food just doesn't stick to it and the cooking surface distributes the temperature pretty good compared to units of other brands like for example, the Rival electric skillet. However, I did use some cooking spray especially in the first time that I used it in order to make the nonstick coating more efficient and my cooking a lot better than what it should have been.


It is also recommended not to soak the Presto electric skillets (or any other kitchen appliance like the Presto electric griddle) in soapy or hot water for a long time. Shorter times will really do wonders to the cleaning of the unit, but you have to be careful since the nonstick feature might be gone. Other than that, I would recommend the Presto 16 electric skillet to any of my friends who is thinking of getting a griddle electric unit or a nice skillet.


For information about the common barbecues that so many people are using you can go to the wikipedia page of this item, just click on barbecue if you want to read more.


The next post that was written after this one about the electric skillet of the popular brand Presto, the next post is about the Rival Fold n Store electric griddle that, as you can understand from its name, can be folded for easy storage.