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Hi and welcome to my little blog about electric grills and other similar appliances. Hopefully, I will be able to update this blog with new content about new designs of electric griddles and old ones too. Most of the features in these kitchen appliances will greatly improve the cooking and cleaning efforts that you have to put in the kitchen.


You can check my first blog post about the Presto electric skillet that contain details and information about the Presto electric skillets and what good aspects these units have. 


Update: I have just added another post about the Rival griddle that can be folded. The particular model of this relatively new electric griddle is actually called the Rival GRF405 Fold n Store Griddle and although I haven't yet owned it, I have written a short post about it - more on it at the post itself.


You can find a short post about electric griddles if you want some information about these units versus other options that might replace them. The post can be find by clicking on this link - Electric Griddles - so feel free to read and enjoy the information.


Some details about the popular unit recently of the Cuisinart company that has removable plates like those that I believe I wrote about, that the George Foreman grill grp99 has for easy cleaning. The Cuisinart griddler GR-4N looks like a nice appliance, but would it be smart to get this interesting griddle?


Well, if you are looking for a two burner griddle you may want to check a Lodge cast iron griddle that is very popular recently among people who are looking for a big griddle or grill pan. Although the Lodge Logic grill/griddle is not very light, it does cook the food well if you know what you are doing.


Next, a short update after quite a long time that I haven't got a chance to even use my computer. However, I did find a nice recipes website that I may want to try myself, so many good looking recipes that you could try on your grills/griddles or any other kitchen appliance that you own.