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Lodge Logic LPG13 Pro Cast Iron Griddle

Since I have seen the Lodge cast iron griddle in action I wanted to write about this appliance. First of all, if you see this griddle you may be impressed from it's size – it's pretty big (well, it shouldn't come as a big surprise since Lodge Logic cast iron grill/griddle is actually a two-burner griddle). Although it's not that huge, the size of this unit will be enough for most users.


Moreover, the Lodge Logic LPG13 Pro cast iron grill/griddle doesn't cost a lot of money, despite the fact that it's not so cheap either. I was able to see my friend cooking with the Lodge Logic griddle and he said that he is quite happy with this kitchen appliance. He has some experiences with other frying pans and griddles, and he claimed that the Lodge cast iron griddle does a nice job, although it's not perfect and the Lodge company could improve the design of this griddle.


There is no need to mention that the Lodge LPG13 griddle is very popular recently and I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that the Lodge griddle grill is in the top ten most sold griddles. My friend has a lot of experience in cooking, and he says he can cook a wide range of foods with the Lodge cast iron griddle including pancakes, eggs, steaks, burgers, french toasts, grilled vegetables, etc. The reason for this versatility is the fact that the Lodge Logic griddle can be used either as a griddle (that would be the flat side of the unit), or you can the other side of this griddle/grill and cook on the ridged side that can be used as a grill.


He cooked me and my friends a nice meal with the Lodge cast iron griddle, and we had fun watching football and eating the grilled food. Perhaps another reason for the popularity of the Lodge Logic griddle is the fact that it's made of cast iron, and cast iron is known to distribute heat pretty well. So, the Lodge LPG13 griddle is capable of cooking and searing the food nicely, but you need to know what you are doing if you want to get good results with the Lodge Logic LPG13 Pro cast iron grill/griddle.


According to my friend, you need to treat the cast iron griddle well and maintain it properly if you want it to last for a long time and still cook the food the way you want. Meaning, that you'll have to season the Lodge Logic grill/griddle and clean it gently so that you won't damage the surface or negate the effect of the seasoning. On the other hand, the Lodge cast iron grill is heavier than most of the other griddles, so it can be hard to wash and clean this appliance.


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