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Electric Griddles - Are They Worth The Money?

Before speaking about electric griddles I have to mention that from personal reasons I don't have a lot of time lately to update this blog so you should know that I am doing my best to improve the site (and at this note I want to thank for allowing me to create this small blog).


Ok, so the famous electric griddle - should you get one or perhaps consider the purchase an indoor or outdoor grill? Well electric griddles are usually made of light metal like aluminum (the Presto griddles for example, most of them are made of heavy cast aluminum which make their units very light) or other metals like stainless steel.


The cooking surface of most electric griddles is also especially produced so that the food won't stick to the surface. It's usually done by a nonstick coating that really helps with the cleaning of the electric griddle and I believe that the majority if not all of the griddle electric units do have a nonstick surface (it doesn't mean on the other hand that the nonstick coating always work).


These kitchen appliances were mainly intended as to serve as a fast cooking machine for pancakes, bacon, eggs and other foods. The electric griddles are supposed to be able to evenly cook the food, being a user friendly unit and easy to clean afterwards. Most of the Presto griddles do actually answer these requirements and if you haven't read my review about the Presto Tilt n Drain big griddle than you should check it out.


Moreover, a lot of kitchen units today can also be fully submersible and dishwasher safe and further ease the cleanup. However, if the electric griddle has a nonstick surface you have to be very careful since you can damage it if you use the wrong tools.


Overall, the electric griddles are definitely not a requirement for your kitchen to properly function, and there are other units that might deliver similar results (such as electric grills, like the George Foreman grill, or the normal frying pan would also be enough for most users).


Nevertheless, the griddle electric grill is a wonderful appliance that doesn't require a lot of cooking and cleaning time unlike other units, so I would vote for electric griddles is a good choice for your kitchen if you do tend to cook the foods that the griddle is intended for.


Moreover, most people would like to have a kitchen appliance that could grill or sear nice steaks, and I did find some good information and a delicious picture of a steak in the famous and popular Wikipedia site. Anyhow, you should investigate before making any purchase of not only electric griddles, grills and other appliances, but any expensive units or service.


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