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Rival Griddle and The Rival GRF405 Fold n Store Griddle - A New Rival Electric Griddle

Although I don't own any Rival griddle (right now) I just saw an electric griddle of the company that made me curious. Apparently it is called the Rival GRF405 fold n store griddle and it is the older design plus new improvements. Now, since I haven't yet used or even seen the old Rival electric griddle in action I can't speak of the aspects of the old one (although I did know that the product existed but I decided at that time to get the Presto griddle).


Anyway, I think that the Rival griddle should definitely be considered if you are looking for an electric griddle that is large enough and yet won't cause too many problems when you try to store it in your small kitchen. I will try to test the Rival GRF405 fold n store griddle performance in the near future, since I know from experience that a large cooking surface is not enough for an electric griddle to be worth the money (even if it is from a respected and popular company as Rival, any Rival electric griddle should be tested before purchase).


After searching for detailed information about this Rival griddle I came across a couple of reviews that most of them were positives but there were also a couple of negative reviews. It seems that everyone like the fact that the Rival GRF405 fold n store griddle can be folded and thus save a lot of storage space (especially if you have a small cabinet or kitchen). There is no doubt that this ability is the most interesting thing in this Rival electric griddle and I have also seen that the price is relatively low, so it reminds me of the prices of its popular competitor - the Presto electric griddles. I already now how the average Presto griddle functions (and if you haven't you should read my previous reviews of the Presto Liddle griddle and another model that I liked very much).


Here is a couple of things I managed to understand from what I have searched and read about the Rival griddle. It looks like the Rival GRF405 fold n store griddle is a dishwasher safe function that would really help you with all the cleanup (and I do know how this feature is helpful because if you get put the electric griddle in the sink or in the dishwasher, it would be so much harder...). Another thing the would really help you cleaning the Rival electric griddle is the nonstick cooking surface that people say is really good (I know that most griddle electric units has a nonstick surface, but some of the nonstick surfaces won't last for long).


In addition, this particular Rival griddle has two (yes two!) independent temperature controls that will allow for example to cook hamburgers on one side of the Rival GRF405 fold n store griddle and pancakes on the other pan of the unit, and I can assure you that most of the electric griddles don't have this feature. Yet again, I have to test its performance first, so stay tuned.


The next article that you can find is about the electric griddles in general (and it's not a review post like this one about the Rival folding griddle).