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Presto Electric Skillet Review - How Good Are The Presto Electric Skillets?

Since the presto electric griddles are so popular lately among many customers who like to use a griddle in order to cook nice pancakes, eggs and other foods (like a fried chicken for example), I thought about trying the Presto electric skillet. Now, there are many designs and models for the Presto skillet like with the griddles, so I was pretty confused and had to search a lot over the internet and ask people I know.


One of the many models that belongs to the Presto Company that caught my eye was one of the 16 inch skillets that is called the Presto 16 electric skillet. This particular model is really interesting, in my opinion, since it looks compact and I was quite sure it would fit in my kitchen (that is not very big by the way) and might do some good job with the cooking. It wasn't hard to imagine that it could take the place of the Presto electric griddle that I already own. 


This Presto electric skillet can easily be used for a variety of cooking methods such as frying, grilling and even roasting and there are probably a lot more methods that I just forgot, so sorry about it. I think that most of the Presto electric skillets can function as good chicken fryers that can do the job well with those fat chicken breasts or with frying bacon. The glass cover that surrounds the cooking surface of the Presto 16 electric skillet will prevent any spatter from reaching your countertop and you lovely skin.


The temperature control is very accurate when compared to a nice stainless steel electric skillet that many people still prefer over the skillet electric unit. I know that some people mention the Villaware electric skillet as a good alternative to the Presto griddle and skillet but I have no idea what you would even want an alternative to such a good unit that heats up very quickly. This fast heating feature of the Presto unit is much better than my electric stovetop or any other griddle stove top that other people may use. (it reminds me of my friend's Presto electric grill that actually does heat up accurately and quickly but it cooking results are sometimes great and on other occasions are not that good)


It wasn't really hard to achieve really good results with the Presto 16 electric skillet since the food just doesn't stick to it and the cooking surface distributes the temperature pretty good compared to units of other brands like for example, the Rival electric skillet. However, I did use some cooking spray especially in the first time that I used it in order to make the nonstick coating more efficient and my cooking a lot better than what it should have been.


It is also recommended not to soak the Presto electric skillets (or any other kitchen appliance like the Presto electric griddle) in soapy or hot water for a long time. Shorter times will really do wonders to the cleaning of the unit, but you have to be careful since the nonstick feature might be gone. Other than that, I would recommend the Presto 16 electric skillet to any of my friends who is thinking of getting a griddle electric unit or a nice skillet.


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